Technical support

How does it work

Take a look to our tutorials and manuals if you start PlayClaw for the first time.

Common questions

Please provide maximum of useful information when you ask support

  • Log file playclaw.txt from MyDocuments folder after problem occurred (please note, it will be overwritten on next PlayClaw start);
  • If you get game or PlayClaw crash, send us also crash dump file PlayClawMiniDump.dmp from MyDocuments;
  • If you have problems with recorded video please provide raw recorded file (better upload it to Google Drive or any similar file sharing service)
  • If problem is not permanent, please tell us when you get and when you don't get it

A lots of standard questions can be solved with help of PlayClaw community.

Otherwise you can send email to developers:

Problems with activation

If you have activation issues, please send an email directly to developers with your activation code or the email address used for your order. Do not publish this information on public forums!

Forget the code?

You can retrieve your activation code here