Ultimate Game Capture Tool

PlayClaw captures video from games and desktop.
It can use hardware accelerated codecs and make streamings.

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Why gamers like PlayClaw?

High performance

Software codecs optimized for multicore CPUs and hardware accelerated codecs!

No limit for capture FPS

Set frame rate to any value. 1, 10, 60 or 200fps - doesn't matter. PlayClaw takes care about smooth recording!

Small files

PlayClaw can record in MP4 format with using H.264/AVC codec!

Many audio sources

You can even add several microphones to comment your gameplay!


Support for streaming to YouTube, Twitch and other services!

Cool overlays

Webcam overlay, Teamspeak overlay, CPU/GPU realtime information, timers and many other over your game screen!

Fully functional trial version without time limit!